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© 2015 - 2017 Alfonso Saavedra “Son Link”


EntroPipes is a puzzle type game programing on LUA and the framework TIC-80 for Linux, Windows and Web Browsers.

Under GPL 3 license

Based on original idea of Z80St Software


Simply download the correct archive for your system, extract and double click on the executable.

In game gif video


How to play:

In the main menu select option using Up/Down keys (default Up/Down arrows on your keyboard), and Left/Right (default Left/Right arrows on your keyboard for select puzzle size. In game is used for move the cursor.

Press A button (Z in keyboard) in the main menu for . In game rotate the selected pipe.

In game press X button (A in keyboard) for pause/play game

Press Scape on Linux/Windows or Back button on Android to show pause menu on game or resolve puzlle. On main menu exit directly. On anoher options return to main menu.

The game will automatically pause when it loses focus (changed window or app) or is minimized.

Puzzle editor:

The puzzle editor is write on HTML and Javascript and based on the original puzzle ediotor make by Z80St. Simply open editor.html on your favorite web browser (tested on Firefox and Chrome) or use the online versions avaliable on my blog and send to my email account, create a new issue or send push merge.

Other credits:

TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games

TIC-80 is under the MIT license. © 2017 Nesbox

Font icon for the editor make with Fontello


entropipes-html.zip 922 kB
EntroPipes-Linux-32.tar.gz 1 MB
EntroPipes-Linux-64.tar.gz 2 MB
EntroPipes-Windows.zip 1 MB

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